Bathmate Affiliate

Top Payouts

Become an affiliate of the world’s best selling penis enhancement device and earn up to 35% commission on every product sold.

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Up to 35% Commission

We believe in rewarding our affiliates and offer and industry beating 35% commissions on sales of the Bathmate and Hydromax products. You earn a full 35% of the product price for sales outside of the EU and 35% of the ex vat price for EU sales.

Top Selling Products

Bathmate is one of the best selling male enhancement products on the market. With over 1 million sales across 12 countries you can be sure that this is a high quality product that you can be proud to promote

Prompt Payment

We pay on time every time. As we are the official affiliate platform for DX Products payment comes direct from the manufacturers.


We have a wide range of banners in all the standard sizes. We work hard to create eye catching banners that get clicks and generate sales. Our system makes finding and using the best banners for your site easy.


We offer campaign level tracking allowing you to test different promotions, products and banner placements. This will help you maximize conversions and boost your income.


Our platform has state of the art tracking built in as standard. It allows you to track specific links and banners showing you what coverts and where. We even have the ability to insert your own tracking code such as prosper202 to help you test and optimize conversions


World class support from your affiliate manager. We have dedicated affiliate managers ready to get you started and earning commissions fast. Support is available through email, ICQ and messenger. Any questions, anytime, contact us.

Advice & Tips

We want you to make as much money as possible as it makes us money too! We are here to help you maximize conversions ratios, find better converting traffic and optimize your campaigns. Whether you need help and advice on landing pages or assistance on getting your links and banners up we are here to help.

Access to new products

As the official site direct from the manufacturers you will have access to the latest products and promotions. If and when new products are launched our affiliates will be the first to know.